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Section 50: 21 years and under Solo Own Choice

1st Sheridan Hughes

2nd Stella Joseph-Jarecki

3rd Talia Le Couteur

HM James Emerson, Sarah Amos


Section 51:Open Age Solo

1st Emily Szabo

2nd James Penn

3rd Izaac Lea

HM John Molden, Maurice Wan


Section 52: Sacred Solo/ Oratorio Open Age

1st James Emerson

2nd Summer Bowen

3rd Sarah Amos

HM Andrew Alesi, Penelope Muller

Miriam Vernon Memorial Trophy Winner Summer Bowen


Section 53: Art Song Open Age

1st Talia Le Couteur

2nd Stella Joseph-Jarecki

3rd Andrew Alesi

HM Anne Duff, Maurice Wan


Section 54: Song by an Australian Composer: Open Age

1st Isabel Hertaeg

2nd Sheridan Hughes

3rd James Emerson

HM Summer Bowen, Stella Joseph-Jarecki, April Foster


Section 55: Song from Operetta/Music Theatre Open Age

1st John Molden

2nd Isabel Hertaeg

3rd James Emerson

HM Sarah Amos, Yasmin Ismail, David Keane, Teresa Ingrilli


Section 56: Song from Contemporary Music Theatre

1st James Emerson

2nd Andrew Alesi

3rd John Molden

HM Penelope Muller, Annabel Meagher


Section 57: Lieder

1st Michelle McCarthy

2nd Alexandra Ioan

3rd Naomi Summers

HM Isabel Hertaeg


Section 58: The Printhouse Aria from Grand Opera

1st Sheridan Hughes

2nd Michelle McCarthy

3rd Emily Szabo

HM Alexandra Ioan, April Foster


Gabrielle Roberts Memorial Scholarship  James Emerson


60th Anniversary Encouragement Award - Sunday sections Sheridan Hughes


60th Anniversary  Encouragement  Award -Thursday sections Emily Szabo




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