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Choral FAQ


What are the entry costs for my choir?


Entry is $40 per section.



Are there any special rules?


Yes.  Eisteddfod wide rules and Choral specific rules can be found here.


What can I sing?


You will need to chose two songs. Each choir will perform two contrasting items. An official eisteddfod accompanist will not be provided. 

Percussion instruments may be used. Choirs may perform a capella. Choirs who do not sing from memory may hold their music but a report only will be provided. Choirs holding music will be ineligible for a prize.


What should I bring on the day?


You will need two copies of your music.  One for yourself and one for the adjudicator.  Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the new copyright requirements on our rules page.


Where can I park?


Parking is available; Under Kingston City Hall, this area fills up very quickly.  A temporary permit, available from the registration desk, is required.

                              At the front Kingston City Hall on Nepean Hwy, again this fills very quickly.

                              On the opposite side of Nepean Hwy in front of the shops.

                              Keiller St, next to the shops.                              

                              Station St, beside Moorabbin Station.


Where can we warm up?


Unfortunatley, due to the design of Kingston City Hall,  we do not have a designated 'green room' or warm up area.  Choirs are welcome to find a quiet area on any of the three levels to warm up.


What are the choir raisers like?


The choir raisers have a total size of 6m wide x 3.6m deep, with three steps the height of a standard step. Each step is deep enough to fit two rows of people. They comply with all safety requirements and have carpet, back and side rails.


What is the precedure for the competition?


School Choirs


When you arrive your bus will be met at the front of Kingston City Hall by one of our volunteers.  They will introduce you to you two guides for the day.


Your guides will escort you upstairs, guide you through the registration process, and show you to your schools seating area.  At the appropriate time, they will guide you downstairs to warm up, and back to the stage to compete.  They will also stay with you through the competition, to help you out or answer and questions you might have.



Evening Session-Vocal Group and Open


When you enter the building proceed to level 3, stair and a lift are available.


Find the registration table (in the foyer, outside the door closest to South Road) present your music and register your choir.


While waiting for your turn we encouraged you to enjoy the other performances .


When the announcer calls your choir proceed quietly to the holding area next to the stage.  There will be volunteers to guide you.  Don't forget to be quiet as you are right next to the stage.


After the previous choir has left the stage volunteers will indicate when you can enter the stage and position yourselves on the choir raisers.  It is advisable, even if you are a small group, to stand on the choir raisers, rather than at the front of the stage, as the microphones are positioned over the choir raisers.


When the curtain opens the adjudicator will ring their bell and you can begin your first song.  When you finish your first song don't forget to wait for the bell before starting your second song.


At the conclusion of your perfomance you may rejoin the audience and enjoy the other performances.


At the conclusion of all the performances the adjudicator will announce the place getters.


How much are the tickets?


Audience tickets are $5 for children and $10 for adults. Competitor entry is free.



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