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Delyse Weisz


Delyse has an extensive background in process drama, drama therapy and play production. Her proven capability of developing confident, communicative, self-disciplined and creative thinkers through the art of the spoken word in public speaking and performance is crucial in today’s technological and ‘me’ centric world.

Delyse’s passion for the theatre world began at age five. Her mentor and drama teacher realised her natural creative and directing skills with children, in particular her capability of nurturing timid children to discover their confidence in self-expression saw her entrust Delyse with taking classes from the age of 16. Delyse’s tertiary education includes a B.A from the prestigious University of Witwatersrand while simultaneously studying ATCL. LTCL. (Trinity College London).

She won an award for directing Pirates of Penzance at the Grahamstown Festival in South Africa and established many acting and public speaking programmes for underprivileged students in townships, while working in the South African film industry as a special effect and makeup artist. She studied the Stanislavski method of acting with LA award winner Alexander von Reumont. She worked at many prestigious schools teaching drama before immigrating to Australia.

She has taught at state and private schools in Australia with exceptional results at Eisteddfods, and Examinations. Many students have won acting and school scholarships under her guidance. She has operated Delyse’s Drama Academy and Montessori Players for 26 years and in 2019 rebranded her studio to Dramawise Academy to reflect the evolution and development of exciting contemporary transformations in drama directing.

Delyse assisted in National and European Theatre tours as director, costume designer and wellbeing chaperone with high school students at Caulfield Grammar school and later with BYTE Ensemble. She has been a costume coordinator for many Disney musicals and productions, creating inspired and resourceful costumes for actors to perform in. She has produced and directed more than 50 full scale theatrical productions. From Mulan, Wendy and Peter Pan, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory  to Gangsta Granny, The Neverending story and more! She prides herself in creating a collaborative, imaginative, inclusive and vibrant space for her students to inhabit their characters and own every stage of the process.

She quickly realised the effects of COVID-19 and went online to deliver a high-quality programme for her students to keep them connected for now and for life in challenging times. She recently collaborated with industry professionals such as Kaleidoscope Drama Conference, and drama schools in South Africa and USA to deliver educational workshops and inspiring holiday programmes, she has delivered workshops for national and international organisations online.