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Frequently Asked Questions


What sort of poem is appropriate?

The poem can be a lyrical verse, dramatic verse or narrative verse. It can be a serious or humorous poem. The primary aim of this section is the poem should be suitable for the age and capabilities of the student.


Do I have to wear a costume?

You only wear a costume where it states costume optional. Otherwise free dress for the other sections(smart/casual).


Will I be disqualified if I go over the time limit?

No you will not be disqualified but you will not be adjudicated on the performance after the time limit is exceeded. Time limits are there to ensure the smooth running of the whole Eisteddfod.


How do I know when I will be performing?

You will be sent a timetable a few weeks before the Eisteddfod dates and a time for the beginning of the session will be given.


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