2019 Program

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Junior Vocal

Convenor: Isabella Horsley


0409 068 314



Our next competition will be 4, 9 and 11 August 2019. We hope to see you there!

Competitors who require the official accompanist MUST contact the accompanist at least 21 DAYS prior to their performance.

It is not acceptable to present your music on the day of performance

Accompanist details : Kay Cai

Rehearsal Booking Website: www.kaycai.com/bookings

Email: kay.cai@hotmail.com

Mobile: 0409 783 868        

Attention all Junior Vocalists!

Some hints from your official accompanist to help you have fun and perform at your vocal best!







If you have a singing teacher it's easy...

Just ask your teacher to help you find the right key and version of the music and to mark the music exactly the way it is to be performed with all repeats and cuts.

Please bring the same sheet music that you have rehearsed with your teacher.

Many online sheet music versions are different and can be very different to pre-recorded backing tracks.


If you do not have a singing teacher please find one! If you can't do that in time then here are a few tips to help you avoid potential disaster....

Please contact me at least 2 weeks before eisteddfod to organize a rehearsal.

If you have been working with a backing track then I will help you find the right music version in the right key for your voice.   

If the music is wrong (better worked out at rehearsal then on stage) then I will help you find the right key to suit your voice. We can download another version if necessary and mark the music appropriately.

On the day PLEASE

- No transpositions. Make sure the music is in the correct key for your voice.

- Song charts must have chords and a vocal melody line or be fully notated arrangements. Song charts that have only chords like | G |D7| C | G | are ok if your accompanist knows the song but don't have enough information for accuracy.

- Check that all your music is there - a missing page can be disastrous - remember your singing teacher and you know the version of the song but for your accompanist there are thousands of possible tunes and arrangements.

- The more information there is on the music the better for you and your pianist.